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Lucky Ticket Set

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Lucky Ticket Set

Post by Daezugun on Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:52 am

[size=48]Lucky Ticket Sets[/size]
Lucky Ticket sets are premium ancient set armors. These armors are obtained by purchasing Lucky Tickets from the Cash Item Shop.
Additional info:

  • Durability decreases by 1 each 40 minutes the item is equipped.

  • Items can be repaired via Jewel of Extension only.

  • Additional options are only unlocked by equipping set parts.

  • At least 2 items of the same set are required to gain additional options.

  • Multiple ancient sets may be worn at the same time.

How can I obtain Lucky Tickets?

  • Cash item shop

How can I exchange my Lucky Tickets?

  • Via NPC David (In Elveland)

    • Tickets can be exchanged for a Lucky Ticket armor piece.
    • Tickets are exchanged for the armor set that fits the character's class.

What is a Jewel of Extension?

  • Jewel of Extension will restore a Lucky Set item by 100% durability.

  • Obtained from refining Lucky set items or Tickets:

    • Lucky set item [Dur: 255/255] = 60% success rate
    • Lucky set item [Dur: 254/255] (or lesser) = 10% success rate


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