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Correct Format in Requesting

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Correct Format in Requesting

Post by Hestia. on Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:29 am

The correct format in requesting for signature and Userbar is listed below.

Before you post your request here, you need to follow the rules in signature/userbar:

*You need to follow the correct format, so that the GFX Team will be able to grant your request
*Post will be remove by our moderator if you're not going to follow the correct format
*Be careful in choosing a render for your signature and userbar (photographic substance is strictly prohibited like a female render showing their private part or anything)
*Do not forget to give credits to the creator of your signature or userbar to show some appreciation and respect to them or to their work

Signature Format:
Theme: (concept of your render e.g naruto)
Text 1: (The main text in your render)
Subtext 1: (The second or mid-text in your signature)
Subtext 2: (additional text to your render) Optional.
Additional information: (Effects that you want me to put in your render) Blinking or what so ever.
Type of render: (Horizontal or vertical)

Userbar Format:
Theme: (concept or your userbar e.g naruto)
Text 1: (Main text in your Userbar)
Text 2: (additional text in your userbar) Optional
Additional information: (Effects that you want me to put or add in your requested userbar)

Thank You for reading and following the rules and correct format in requesting.

-Head Administrator Hestia.

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